Before / After Photos

Enjoy these before and after photos from our customers, showing the dramatic impact a fresh new coat of paint can achieve. ¬†Whether your taste is rustic, shabby, modern, European or classic…the painted finish is a great addition to any room in ¬†your home!


Karly Mills BA 6 Karly Mills BA 7 Karly Mills BA 8 Karly Mills BA 9 Karly Mills BA 10 Kristin Pierpont Haydock BA Lillie Cornell BA 2 Lillie Cornell BA LeDree Arellano BA Lea Meine BA Kristina Olson Orton BA Kristina Olson Orton BA 2 Lina Ibarra Darnell BA Katie Taylor Mendoza BA 3 Katie Taylor Mendoza BA 4 Katie Taylor Mendoza BA 2 Katie Taylor Mendoza BA 5 Katie Taylor Mendoza BAMichelle Rothe BA Michele Long Meisch BA Maddy Nevills BA 21 Maddy Nevills BA Maria Hernandez BA 2 Maria Hernandez BA 3 Maria Hernandez BA Maureen Boese BA Melanie Hicks BA Maddy Nevills BA 11 Maddy Nevills BA 12 Maddy Nevills BA 13 Maddy Nevills BA 15 Maddy Nevills BA 16 Maddy Nevills BA 18 Maddy Nevills BA 19 Maddy Nevills BA 10 Maddy Nevills BA 9 Maddy Nevills BA 8 Maddy Nevills BA 6 Maddy Nevills BA 5 Maddy Nevills BA 4 Maddy Nevills BA 3 Maddy Nevills BA 2 Lina Ibarra Darnell BA Lillie Cornell BA 2 Kristina Olson Orton BA LeDree Arellano BA Johana Chavez BA Joely Herold Gutierrez Before After Jeffrey Sherman BA 5 Jeffrey Sherman BA 4 Jeffrey Sherman BA 3 Deanna Cowherd BA Crystal Marie BA Caitlin Nii BA Taylor Dawson BA Siobhan Ortega BA 4 Virginia Castro BA Sandra Boos B A Sandra Before After Rhonda Church Finfrock BA Rhonda Church Finfrock BA 2 Rachel Meisenheimer BA Paschall Matic RuthAnn BA Siobhan Ortega BA 2 Siobhan Ortega BA 3 Nikki Edrington BA 2 Nicole Fontanilla BA 12 Nicole Fontanilla BA 11 Nicole Fontanilla BA 8 Nicole Fontanilla BA 7 Nicole Fontanilla BA 9 Nicole Fontanilla BA 10 Nichole Salas BA Nicole Fontanilla BA 2 Nicole Fontanilla BA 3 Nicole Fontanilla BA 4 Nicole Fontanilla BA 5 Nicole Fontanilla BA 6 Nichole Salas BA 4 Nichole Salas BA 3 Nichole Salas BA 2 Michele Long Meisch BANichole Salas BA Nichole Salas BA 4 Melanie Hicks BA Brittany Taylor-Williams BA Brittany Hamberg BA Brittany Hamberg BA 2 Brandy Dunn BAAmy Glynn-Bergthold BA Amy Glynn-Begthold BA 2Tatiana Partain BAbeforeafter chairba2BA shelf


…more coming soon!